The rainforest setting of Kuranda has been and continues to be an inspiration for artists. Over the years, Kuranda has attracted some great artists to reside in or near the village.  

Although Kuranda's population only represents 2% of the Far North Queensland population, it is the lifestyle home to 16% of the Region's artists.

Angela Meyer Fine Artist:Kuranda:Kuranda-Made

Angela Meyer - Fine Artist

Angela Meyer grew up in the rainforest of Kuranda and still calls Kuranda home. Her work is in many public and private collections.

Amazonica Lilies by Angela Meyer/Kuranda-Made

Tropical Fruit and Flowers by Angela Meyer:Kuranda-Made

Lychees with Fruit Bowl and Heliconicas by Angela Meyer:Kuranda-Made

David H Stacey - Fine Artist

Acclaimed artist, David Stacey, has lived in Kuranda since the 1980s. 

David H Stacey Gallery
Shop 7, 24 Coondoo Street
Kuranda QLD 4881

Phone:  +61 7 4093 8201


David H Stacey Fine Artist tryptich:Kuranda:Kuranda-Made

Spotted Cus Cus by David Stacey:Kuranda-Made

Australian Cassowary by David Stacey

Mollie Bosworth - Cermamic Artist

Fine ceramic bowls, vases, earrings, broaches by Mollie Bosworth:Kuranda-Made

Contemporary studio porcelain is the main focus of her 
current practice.  Mollie Bosworth is a member of the
Kuranda Arts Cooperative.


Mollie Bosworth new works in porcelain:Kuranda-Made

Shona Ballantyne - Fine Artist

Shona Ballantyne is a member of the Kuranda Arts Cooperative


Painting of African baby by Shona Ballantyne:Kuranda-Made

Painting of zebra by Shona Ballantyne:Kuranda-Made

Toni Rogers - International Photographic & Fibre Artist

Oceanic Art Cairns/Toni Rogers-Ohaka Tapu (Sacred Nest)/Kuranda Artists/Kuranda-Made

The image pictured to the right is a 2009 award winning fibre
piece entitled 'Ohaka Tapu' (Sacred Nest).  Toni Rogers works
through her Cantata Studio in Kuranda.  Toni draws heavily 
from nature recognising the importance of natural images in 
conservation and education.  

Toni has exhibited her photography and fibre art since 1974 and her artworks are held in private collections throughout the world.  Toni's fibre work is described as 'Oceanic Art'.  She uses sculptural fibre and works with extremely broad definitions of fibre.  Toni considers weaving fibre as an art of assemblage and juxtaposition; the satisfaction lies in making an inventive whole out of disparate parts.  Toni Rogers is a member of the Kuranda Arts Cooperative.

Contact: Toni Rogers
Phone: +61 (0)7 4093 9293

Peter Thompson - Woodfire Potter

Anagama pot by Peter Thompson:Kuranda-Made

Peter Thompson was initially self-taught in ceramics through the 1970s and early eighties using Anglo-Oriental influences of Bernard Leach and Shoji Hamada.  

Formal and informal study was carried out in Australia, China, USA and Japan.  Study in the USA provided direct exposure to ceramic artists using influences of Abstract Expressionism in their work.  Contact with a number of North American and Australian artists from several disciplines has reinforced and directed his own tendencies toward gestural and expressionist line and form.  

Peter Thompson's studio practice began in Kuranda in 1975 and concentrates on simple abstractions of classic vessels, which have evolved from a functional base into a purely aesthetic dimension.  Relying on the interplay of surface and form, craftsmanship and the control of accidental effects, the work is intended to express elements of inspired clumsiness and directness of approach, within a simple vessel format and to reflect a ceremonial or ornamental presence.

Peter Thompson has concentrated for some years on the use of local raw materials.  A reliance on unrefined local materials must be worked with and impurities accepted.  A familiarity with the medium evolves, encouraging spontaneity and directness.  

Peter Thompson has exhibited widely and is represented in international, national, private and public collections.

Contact: Peter Thompson
Mobile:   0439 561 749

Soda glazed footed bowl by Peter Thompson:Kuranda-Made

Téval (Henri Hunsinger)


Téval is the name used by visual artist Henri Hunsinger for his more figurative works.  Born in 1938 in Paris he has exhibited in several countries in South and North America.  In 1989 he established his
studio in Kuranda, Far North Queensland.  He draws inspiration
from his tropical surroundings.  Henri Hunsinger is a member of 
the Kuranda Arts Cooperative.



Irene Majer

Irene creates original paintings, as well as hand painted ceramics.  She studied art and design in Melbourne, where she was born and is a qualified industrial designer and Padi divemaster.  Kuranda has been Irene's home for many years and she gains inspiration for her artwork through the colours, shapes and movement found in the environment.  Corporate gifts also available.  Irene Majer is a member of the Kuranda Arts Cooperative.

Phone:  +61(0) 7 4093 8870
Mobile:  +61 (0)408 450 243

Klaus Brucksch


Born in Germany 1952, Klaus Brucksch has studied and
worked for many years as a scientist in Germany. When
he migrated to Australia in the mid 1980s he conducted
his own business as a stained glass artist, specializing
in ecclesiastical designs and restorations. In the early
 nineties he developed a new form of glass fusing and
created glass ornaments and jewellery with striking
colours and great individuality. In 2005, Klaus moved
from a 20 years Tasmanian experience, where most of
his stained glass art windows can be observed, to Kuranda, another rainforest paradise.  Today Klaus produces his unique fused glass pendants in a market shop in Kuranda from where they go to all corners of the world.

Major stained glass commissions
'Path of Life' (6 windows) - Strathhaven Retirement Home Chapel, Strathglen, Hobart, TAS

'Kirby Memorial Window' - St David's Cathedral, Hobart, TAS

'History of Time' (before settlement till now, 8 pieces)
Public Bar 'Knopwood's Retreat', Salamanca PLace, Hobart, TAS

'Rainforest Scene' - Forest & Heritage Centre, Geeveston, TAS

'McDougall Memorial Window' - St Patrick's Church,
Sandy Bay, TAS

6 Individual Memorial Windows - Catholic Church,
St Marys, TAS

'St Barbabas' Path of Life' & 3 Memorial Windows - St Barnabas
Church, Scottsdale, TAS,

6 Individual Memorial Windows, Catholic Church, St Helens, TAS

'St Mark's Window' - St Mark Church, Bridport, TAS

10 years participation in the yearly 'Deloraine Craft Fair' - 1996 to 2004

Feature article in the 'Craft Arts International' No. 36, 1994

and a link to his other works click here

Margaret Genever

McFood for Fishers 26x37 copy

Margaret Genever's work consists principally of drawings and prints, including the traditional forms of relief and intaglio, as well as combinations of old and new print mediums such as photopolymer and archival pigment prints. She makes the occasional foray into installation
and other art forms. Outside of exhibition themes, works emerge from a range of experiences and situations. In the main though, social and environmental issues are a principal focus. Her images often include humanimals created from domestic dogs or wild animals, and are ironic or occasionally more whimsical reflections on human relations with animals, domestic and wild.  
Margaret is a member of the Kuranda Arts Cooperative.

Image details: McFood for Fishers, 2011, 26x37cm,
archival pigment print from orignal drawings and
photographic material.


Buck Richardson 


Buck Richardson has been active across many art forms since arriving in Tropical North Queensland in 1980, such as photography, graphic art, fabric printing, writing, publishing and theatre. In recent years he has gained prominence as a digital artist winning many awards. 

Buck’s visual work has always been influenced by his love of the natural beauty that surrounds us, from the monumental to the minute. Over recent years he has taken a special interest in the amazing moths of our region. 

He published his book, Mothology : Discover the Magic – Moths and Moth Art from the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics of Queensland Australia, using his photographs of over 500 different species.  Buck is a member of the Kuranda Arts Cooperative.



Briana Enoch

Artist and owner of Din Din Aboriginal Arts

Contact:  Briana Enoch
Mobile:  +61 (0)478 102 017

Terry Eager

Terry is a glass artist and one of the founders
of The Kuranda Arts Cooperative.

Contact:  Terry Eager
Phone:  +61 (0)7 4093 7492

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